An enterprising drone enthusiast known as LunchboxFPV has came up with a brilliant solution for the ultimate FPV experience. Billed as the Swiss Army knife for the drone community, the Da Lunchbox is a multipurpose tool, concealed as a playful lunchbox, designed for drone pilot of variety of skill levels. But really is Da Lunchbox. Well, it is a self-contained box that has everything you need to take to take your drone to sky in first-person view. This means, it has got a display, dual antennas, and whatnot, which you would otherwise need to purchase separately to enable the FPV experience. It is loaded with features – 14 of them to be exact – designed with inputs from 14 of the best micro drone pilots and practical advises from manufacturers and engineers.

Da Lunchbox FPV Drone Toolbox

Key highlights include a 5-inch LED screen to display real-time flight video, a charging station for charging up to four 1S 255 mAh batteries, two 5.8 GHz antennas with auto-scan capabilities, video output port for hooking to FPV goggles or larger displays, microSD card reader to record videos, USB charging port to keep your mobile devices topped up, integrated voltmeter for onboard battery monitoring, a tripod screw for mounting Da Lunchbox on any standard tripod, storage space with removable and customizable inserts, and a 1.5-hour rechargeable internal battery, rechargeable via 12V wall plug, or with a 2S-6S lithium-polymer battery. And oh, it has a carry handle too because, lunchbox. As you have read, Da Lunchbox is essentially a drone flying station.

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The real draw here is, it is ready-to-fly. All you need is to add your own drone and controller and you are good to go. Or, you could grab the package that comes the drone, or the one that has both the drone and the controller. Da Lunchbox FPV Drone Toolbox/Flying Station is available on Kickstarter where a pledge of 190 Canadian dollars or more (about US$147) will secure you a unit, destined for May 2018 delivery. And yes, the campaign is already funded (it shouldn’t be a surprise, really!), but you do have act fast cos’ the campaign will end in 5 days.

All images courtesy of LunchboxFPV.

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