What you see here is possibly the world’s most expensive toaster now from Mitsubishi Electric. Officially called Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven TO-ST1-T, this beautiful kitchen appliance is, without doubt, a toast bread connoisseur product because of the high price tag, which we are talking about a cool $400, and also the fact that it only toast a single slice at a time.

Seriously, who in the world would think that toasting (or in this case, baking?) a slice of bread is a good idea??? Oh, wait. I think that’s what connoisseurs would demand. Like, what do I know right? I am no bread connoisseur, let alone a toast bread enthusiast. If you are, you probably will appreciate this more than me.

However, truth be told that while I can’t fathom the absurdity of toasting a slice of bread at a time and absolutely turned off by the price, I cannot deny that this kitchen appliance looks fantastic. Love the decidedly retro wood grain touch on the top cover and the dark brown exterior.

Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven TO-ST1-T packs advanced toasting (or is it baking?) technology that promised to retain the fluffiness of your possibly also very expensive artisanal bread – thanks to its ability to leverage on the moisture of the bread for the baking process. So, yeah, no water required like some similar toasters do.

Even if the $398.98 price tag (or 30,000 yen in Japan) does not make it the world’s most expensive toaster (the honor goes to Kitchener, btw), it would very likely bag the crown as the most complex toaster ever.

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There’s a bunch of settings to create the perfect toast. Crazy, but I guess that’s what connoisseurs and rich people do.

But, really. The fact that it can only toast a slice really bothers me. By the time the next toast is ready, the first piece would have turned cold wouldn’t it? And I like to have two pieces together so that I could sandwich peanut butter, jam and whatnot between them. You can see the toaster in action below:

Images: Mitsubishi Electric [JP].

Source: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).

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