with all the talks about smart air-conditioning, it seems like there’s no place for traditional ceiling fans since they are basically not intelligent enough to cope with our modern lifestyle, but specialist ceiling fan maker Big Ass Fans begs to differ. it has added ceiling fans to the world of smart appliances and devices with the Big Ass Fans Haiku SenseME Smart Fan and it takes little guessing what it is capable of. like it is smart but power-sucking, cooling agent-reliant counterpart, Haiku SenseME Smart Fan completely negates the need for traditional remote and only runs when it senses people in the room, and will automatically adjusts the speed, faster or slower, according to the room temperature. it will, of course, turn off when it detects the last person has left the room.

an associated smartphone app allows you to remotely adjust the fan’s speed to your liking and the appliance will try to learn your adjustments for future reference. the smart fan also comes with the option to include LED lighting, which you can also manually adjust the brightness from your smartphone. the app also allows you to set schedule for the fan and the light features, making forgetting to turn off a thing of the past. and if you have the fan installed in your room, Haiku SenseME Smart Fan can also double as an alarm, letting you customize and schedule an alarm with any combination of fan, light and sound. yes. it has audio too. though no specific were offered in this respect. speaking of which, it also has a “Gradual Awake” mode that will slowly speed up the fan and gently brightens the light “for a more pleasant wake-up.”

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Haiku SenseME Smart Fan is expected to be available this summer. if you can’t wait, you can secure yours by pre-ordering it, but be prepared to drop at least $995 for one. a hefty sum for a ceiling fan, no doubt, but it is the way to go if want ceiling fans to be part of your connected home.

Big Ass Fans Haiku SenseME Smart Fan

Big Ass Fans via Gear Hungry

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