Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan

you can’t say that you are the biggest aviation fan or a war historian hobbyist until you have the Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan fitted on your ceiling. design to look like the nose of the P-40 fighter planes actives during WWII, this unique ceiling fan features a paint job with the fiery-eyed monster graphic

Exhale Fan

ceiling fans while welcomed during hot summer days, do instill some fear of decapitation in some of us and not to mention some homes with lower ceilings adds to this gruesome trepidation. anyway, if you have been missing out the benefit of a ceiling fan because this fear, then help is here. meet Exhale Fan, the world’s first truly bladeless ceiling fan that uses the science of…

Upside Down Ceiling Fan

with the global warming catching up with us, a ceiling fan is hardly enough to cool us down in any hot summer days. however, if you are undaunted by this fact and insisted on installing a ceiling fan in your humble abode, then you…