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Here’s A Ceiling Fan For Those Who Hates Long, Obtrusive Fan Blades

Ceiling fan is not the exactly the prettiest sigh, but it is an efficient way to cool down a space. I guess you could say it is a necessary evil. But what if, just what if you really, really loathe the sight of multiple blades dangling up top? Like, you get into fits when you see one? Well, there are a few fun solutions. You can choose to go with the wallet-wrecking air-conditioning system, or you could pick a less fan-like ceiling fan such as this, this and this, or you could consider this: Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan. Wait, what? That thing there is a ceiling fan? Yes, it is. Continue reading Here’s A Ceiling Fan For Those Who Hates Long, Obtrusive Fan Blades

Seriously, Who Doesn’t Want A Jet Engine Fan As Their Ceiling Fan?

When it comes to home appliances, ceiling fan is often much overlooked. Nobody gives a damn how it looks, but for those who do, the options are actually quite abundant. However, if you want something out of the ordinary, something that goes beyond good looking, well, this is it: the Jet Engine Fan Blades Ceiling Fan by Phighter Images, otherwise known as Aviation Flying Furniture. If the product name and the image doesn’t already win you over, then, you are probably not an aviation buff. But if you are, you’d be glad to know that Jet Engine Fan Blades Ceiling Fan is a thing you can own. Though for how much, we can’t be sure. We read that each one cost around the region of 3 grand. Hell, it is expensive! Then again, so is the real deal, isn’t it? Continue reading Seriously, Who Doesn’t Want A Jet Engine Fan As Their Ceiling Fan?

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Fan Turns On Only When There Are People

with all the talks about smart air-conditioning, it seems like there’s no place for traditional ceiling fans since they are basically not intelligent enough to cope with our modern lifestyle, but specialist ceiling fan maker Big Ass Fans begs to differ. it has added ceiling fans to the world of smart appliances and devices with the Big Ass Fans Haiku SenseME Smart Fan and it takes little guessing what it is capable of. like it is smart but power-sucking, cooling agent-reliant counterpart, Haiku SenseME Smart Fan completely negates the need for traditional remote and only runs when it senses people in the room, and will automatically adjusts the speed, faster or slower, according to the room temperature. it will, of course, turn off when it detects the last person has left the room. Continue reading Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Fan Turns On Only When There Are People

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan

you can’t say that you are the biggest aviation fan or a war historian hobbyist until you have the Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan fitted on your ceiling. design to look like the nose of the P-40 fighter planes actives during WWII, this unique ceiling fan features a paint job with the fiery-eyed monster graphic found on the iconic war machines and three blades in rich wood finish that mimics the aircraft’s propellers, complete with painted tips for the added realism. powered by a reversible three-speed motor for “optimal air movement”, this fan unit also includes an integrated light kit fitted with a single 60-watt candelabra bulb that cast a warm, ambient glow on your hanger-like, aviation-inspired room. finally, a flush-mount design and a on/off pull chain completes this awesome ceiling fan package. Continue reading Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan

Exhale Fan

Exhale Fan Bladeless Ceiling Fan
Exhale Fan | from US$250.00 | exhalefans.com

ceiling fans while welcomed during hot summer days, do instill some fear of decapitation in some of us and not to mention some homes with lower ceilings adds to this gruesome trepidation. anyway, if you have been missing out the benefit of a ceiling fan because this fear, then help is here. meet Exhale Fan, the world’s first truly bladeless ceiling fan that uses the science of laminar flow, occurring between an array of flat disks, to coax the air to move throughout your room. unlike the traditional bladed counterpart, laminar movement is smooth, uninterrupted, creates no noise at all Continue reading Exhale Fan

Upside Down Ceiling Fan

Upside Down Helicopter Ceiling FanUpside Down Helicopter Ceiling Fan | US$tba | www.raffaeleiannello.com

with the global warming catching up with us, a ceiling fan is hardly enough to cool us down in any hot summer days. however, if you are undaunted by this fact and insisted on installing a ceiling fan in your humble abode, then you might as well do it with a huge leap in style and this Upside Down Ceiling Fan is the fan that will let you do that. the official name, Upside Down Ceiling Fan, doesn’t really tell you much but the image is pretty much self-explanatory. this fan takes on the design of the legendary Hughes/MD 500 helicopter in 1:6 scale and is crafted in fiberglass with carbon fiber blades and has an aluminum internal structure. Continue reading Upside Down Ceiling Fan

Moooi Mistral will change the way you look at ceiling fans

Moooi Mistral 900x600px
(image: Moooi) Moooi Mistral | about US$960.00 | www.moooi.com

well, the fan integrated with a lamp in the Moooi Mistral is not actually a fan per say but rather, it is a ventilator. at least that’s what Moooi Works is telling us. regardless, it is a refreshing change to traditional ceiling fan with lamp combo. it features five yellow wooden blades tucked away in the shade, shielded by a circular design grille that reminisces of an actual industrial ventilator. the fan or ventilator provides cooling for the room and the wind direction is reversible. which means that you can either circulate the air or draws away stale air or sort. the lamp’s shine is projected through an intricate glass diffuser and further brightness is further assisted by the lamp shade’s chrome inner finish. the Mistral comes with downloads of varying lengths to suit a variety of ceiling heights and it can even be adapted to for use on sloped ceilings up to 33 degrees steep. Continue reading Moooi Mistral will change the way you look at ceiling fans