Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

Remember the super awesome jet engine ceiling fan from nearly four years ago? Well, the person responsible, Kurt Eldrup of Phighter Images and Aviation Flying Furniture, has landed himself a major gig.

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

And this major gig involves creating a giant-ass ceiling fan, replicating a jet engine fan, for none other than jet engine maker Rolls-Royce itself. Way to go Kurt!

Kurt has been tasked to make a ceiling fan measuring 113 inches in diameter that replicates the look of Rolls-Royce’s lightweight carbon composite and titanium CTi fan blades (pictured below).

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

Balance of a ceiling fan, like it was on a jet engine, is utmost and to achieve that, each blade was precision-cut with CNC water jet machine.

The ceiling fan, though functional, serves a more important purpose: for the jet engine maker to show off the jet engine fan’s design.

For all intents and purposes, Rolls-Royce wants it to crank at a slow speed, but Kurt assures that that motor spun that fan faster – or 10 times faster than what you see in the The Awesomer video below.

Honestly, I wouldn’t care less the speed of the fan if it looks this rad. The fan is still work-in-progress, but it will be complete with a custom, aviation-inspired switch with Rolls-Royce logo to boot.

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Kurt’s giant-ass jet engine ceiling fan will be installed at Rolls-Royce’s North America HQ’s office in Reston, Virginia.

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

Images and source: Technabob.