Remember the super awesome jet engine ceiling fan from nearly four years ago? Well, the person responsible, Kurt Eldrup of Phighter Images and Aviation Flying Furniture, has landed himself a major gig.

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

And this major gig involves creating a giant-ass ceiling fan, replicating a jet engine fan, for none other than jet engine maker Rolls-Royce itself. Way to go Kurt!

Kurt has been tasked to make a ceiling fan measuring 113 inches in diameter that replicates the look of Rolls-Royce’s lightweight carbon composite and titanium CTi fan blades (pictured below).

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

Balance of a ceiling fan, like it was on a jet engine, is utmost and to achieve that, each blade was precision-cut with CNC water jet machine.

The ceiling fan, though functional, serves a more important purpose: for the jet engine maker to show off the jet engine fan’s design.

For all intents and purposes, Rolls-Royce wants it to crank at a slow speed, but Kurt assures that that motor spun that fan faster – or 10 times faster than what you see in the The Awesomer video below.

Honestly, I wouldn’t care less the speed of the fan if it looks this rad. The fan is still work-in-progress, but it will be complete with a custom, aviation-inspired switch with Rolls-Royce logo to boot.

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Kurt’s giant-ass jet engine ceiling fan will be installed at Rolls-Royce’s North America HQ’s office in Reston, Virginia.

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan for Rolls-Royce N.A. HQ

Images and source: Technabob.

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