Jeep e-Bike Powered By QuietKat Revealed

Super Bowl 2020 happens to be on the Groundhog Day. And you know some businesses will jump on the opportunity to ride on the award-winning 1993 movie. Well, Jeep did. Jeep has leveraged on this day and occasion to debut an ad called, ermm, Groundhog Day starring, you guessed it, Bill Murray.

While the Jeep Gladiator was the star of the show, something else popped out very briefly that may gets fans all wet. It was an off-road electric bicycle. It is the American automaker’s first electric bicycle and it is simply called e-Bike.

Jeep e-Bike Powered By QuietKat Revealed

Jeep has partnered with QuietKat to make its first electric bicycle which is slated to debut in June 2020. Jeep E-Bike powered by QuietKat is meant to complement your trusty Jeep, to continue your journey when the road ends.

It is kind of a lifestyle thing and more often than not, such lifestyle products don’t come cheap. That said, how much it actually going to run you back will only be known in June.

Anywho… expect to get up to 40 miles (64 km) on a single charge with this pedal-assisted off-roader with a beefy 750W electric motor. The two-wheeler rolls on 4.8-inch fat tires and it further boasts Fire-Link suspension to cope with any undulating terrain you throw at it. But those are what we know for know.

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We don’t want to speculate any further. There’s no point in doing so. In any case that you are interested, you can get yourself signed up for updates.

Images: Jeep.

Source: Engadget.