Casey Neistat x Super 73 Tesla Cyberbike

What you see before you is the “world’s first Tesla Cyberbike”. OK. We are bullshitting you. Tesla has no electric motorcycle, yet. What you see here is actually a new electric bicycle from electric bicycle maker Super 73.

The story went that Super 73 wants film maker Casey Neistat to test their new ride, but it kind of wants to hide the bicycle from the public. So, they created the disguise and in Casey’s words, “they got carried away” and designed a low-poly “shell” that ended up looking like a Cybertruck-inspired bike.

Casey Neistat x Super 73 Tesla Cyberbike

Now, this was the part where it shows how Cybertruck has succeeded. It has created a design that has become iconic even before the actual vehicle hits the streets. Not many company can say they have done that, can they?

When Casey drove that “Cyberbike” around, people immediate related it to the Cybertruck. Some even calling it, without prompting, a Cyberbike. Like it or not, Cybertruck’s impossibly geometric form has taken the world by storm.

Anywho, the actual Super 73 electric bicycle has pedals (it’s a bicycle, duh!), but to make the image of an actual motorcycle, they had to remove the pedals. The result was, as you can see in the video below, pretty convincing.

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In case you are down, you can actually pre-order Super 73 R-series electric bicycle now for $2,495 and up. And no. There’s no plan to make a Cyberbike.

Images: YouTube (CaseyNeistat).

Source: designboom.