Rear spoiler, or as some calls it, rear wing on cars. It is a functional aero that primarily serves to keep the rear of a very fast going car sticking to the ground and over the years, it has kind of becomes a symbol of a fast car.

While we can understand why fast cars like the A90 Toyota Supra and the Nissan GT-R may need a rear spoiler (though, maybe not this HUGE), we don’t quite comprehend why a seemingly mundane family ride like this black Ford Focus sedan needs a very massive wing.

Ford Focus Spotted With Massive Spoiler

It is not like it is hitting the Pike Peaks (if that was a case, it probably needs an equally huge-ass wing up front). No matter how you imagine it to be, I am pretty sure that this black Ford sedan isn’t going to break any land speed record.

It don’t even have other aeros – saved for a hint of a front spoiler. Perhaps, work is in progress? Whatever it is, it is sure a head turner and possibly an inconvenience when the owner is trying to access the trunk.

As you can see, the rear spoiler has all the works – right down the reinforcement struts and hey, a wide-ass diffuser too! Sweet. If you ask me, it sure looks like home made, wrapped in fake carbon fiber skin for good measure.

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I still think this is a work-in-progress. Then again, whatever monstrosity this “beast” has under hood probably won’t warrant this oversized spoiler.

This Ford Focus sedan with ridiculously oversized spoiler was first spotted by Redditor u/OneSharpSpoon and it apparently was parked at a U.S. military base. Or was it meant to be parked in a hangar originally? Nobody knows.

Images: Reddit (u/OneSharpSpoon).

Source: Carscoops.

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