Looking for unusual-looking, audiophile speakers that showcase the avant-garde decor? Well then, the Elipson W35 is for you. Looking like a planet propped up in any space, the W35 from the French audio brand may look like a single speaker, but it is actually split into left and right channel.

That’s right. It is a stereo speaker and wireless to boot. Each channel is bolstered by a 2.5 cm silk dome tweeter with a heat sink behind the magnet to keep things cool. In addition, there is a 16.5 cm mid-range driver on each half and rounding the audio reproduction is a 350W amplifier.

Elipson W35 Spherical Speaker System

At 35 cm in diameter this ‘sound planet’ surely makes its presence felt. Built-in WiFi makes this little ball of sound multi-room ready and an app makes setting up, fine-tuning and adjustable a breeze.

With the app, you can access a host of streaming services like Deezer, TuneIn and more, and it also supports Spotify Connect as well as Amazon Alexa. I believe the latter will be good only if you have an Echo device hooked up to it.

Elipson W35 Spherical Speaker System

There’s Bluetooth too (4.0, if you must really know) with aptX support. Strangely, it also gets a 3.5 mm audio jack, alongside an optical input for rigging it to say, a video game console, TV, or whatnot.

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You can choose to place the speaker system on a dedicated tripod stand as pictured, or you can make you stick to your wall with metal brackets. It had to be metal cos’ this guy weighs quite a bit at 9.5 kilograms. There’s option to hang off the ceiling too, if that’s how you prefer to roll.

The Elipson W35 is now available in Europe and the U.K. for €799 and £799, respectively (works out to be US$1,000-ish).

Images: Elipson.

Source: avguide.ch.

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