Clearly, not all fans of Toyota Supra were thrilled by the design of the fifth-generation Toyota Supra announced earlier this year. While some people continually bombard the design, some people decided to do something about. One of these “some people” was Taiwan-based automotive CGI rendering artist Flat Hat 3D Studio. The Taiwanese artist gave the J29 (A90) Supra lets us in on what a Targa top version (which the A80 had) would look like.

Toyota Supra Targa And Tuned Supra

The result? Well, lets just say that we are not a fan, but the previous render of the 2020 Toyota Supra, supposedly a Pandem tuning project, dressed in wide body aero kit, ginormous double rear spoiler and absolutely slammed, had us drooling all over. The treatment reminiscent that of what Japanese tuner Top Secret would do to a Supra, except Flat Hat 3D Studio’s concept may be truly over the top. Again, the design not for everyone. Certainly not if you are more of a minimalist person.

Toyota Supra Targa And Tuned Supra

Flat Hat 3D Studio had done other anything-but-subtle wide body renders, including a FT-1 Supra A90 mashup, the world’s first Rocket Bunny Supra A90 and a Super GT A90. Anyways, go ahead and have a look at Flat Hat 3D Studio’s creations.

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Also check out Flat Hat 3D Studio’s posts on Instagram and ArtStation for even more other over-the-top (and sometimes crazy gorgeous) creations. While you are at it, you may want to pay attention to the Drag car A90 Supra cos’ it is an absolute stunner.

Images: Flat Hat 3D Studio.

Source: autoevolution.

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