When we talk about the ‘last mile’, we often think the last leg of the journey after disembarking from an automobile and other land-based transportation, but what if, just what if, you are flying? I know right. It’s probably Uber, but what if I tell you that there’s an electric bicycle that wants to tackle the last mile after you landed? Well, the Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle is exactly that. One look, you will not find it any different from other electric-assisted bicycle.

Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle

It can go fully electric, or get the hub drive motor to help you along. The former will get you around 9 miles and up to 15 mph, while the latter could help cover around 25 miles on a single charge. It is foldable, so it could get onboard trains, buses and you know, the usual mode of transportation. This is where Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle sets itself apart.

Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle

One version, called Air, touts a so-called “flight-ready” FTA-compliant battery pack that supposedly allows it to go onboard and when you land, you can slap in the battery and be on your way. I don’t how awesome it is, considering that most airports are located in remote areas and thus, cycling, assisted or not, may not be the best option. Anyways, you know you can with the Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle. However, do note that although the battery pack is “FTA compliant,” it helps to check with the airline first to save yourself the embarrassment. If you know what I mean.

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Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle

In any case, the removable battery also allows you to ride as a traditional bicycle, so you’d be able to bring along and pedal your way out of an airport. Either way, it is still a ‘last mile’ solution. It is also worthy to note that Mini Air is not priced at the super affordable $299 on Kickstarter; it actually commands $599. Having said that, the base model, referred to as the City model, is the one priced at under 300 bucks and it comes with a rear hub motor, USB charging, integrated headlight, a 90 dB horn, and an LCD display that lets you in on the essential data like remaining charge, speed, distance traveled and assist mode.

Stark Drive Mini Folding Electric Bicycle

There are three other models, including the aforementioned Air and one loaded with a more powerful 350W motor called Mini Advanced, as well as one that packs a higher capacity battery called Mini City+. We shall leave it to you to decipher the perks. Speaking of ‘perks’, Stark Drive has taken to Kickstarter to peddle its new ebike, but as of this writing, it is just a little halfway to its set funding goal of $50K. Then again, it has been live for very short period of time and with such an attractive base price, I see no reason it will not be able to garner the money it needs.

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Source: New Atlas.

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