When I saw this ‘news’, I immediately knew I have to say something. The ‘news’ was how YouTube gadget reviewer Marques Brownlee (AKAMKBHD) ‘exposed’ Indian celebrity Anushka Sharma promoting Google Pixel on Twitter and seemingly posted it to the micro blogging platform with an iPhone. Are you surprise? Of course – if you are NOT wise enough to know that the photos may not even be taken by the actress herself or using the device.

These people earn their dough through endorsements and these people often do not manage their Twitter account personally, or at least, not all the time. The celebrity president is an exception, though. Anyways, odds are, somebody took the pictures (likely with an iPhone) and posted it right there and then. That’s that. There’s really not necessary to go all boo hoo over it.

I am sure we are not expecting handset promotional stills and videos to be taken by the make and model of phone, do we? Then again, perhaps that was the impression handset makers want to create? Whatever it is, it is not anywhere near hilarious.

The same goes to the tweet posted by Gal Gadot (also picked up by MKBHD, btw). Obviously, that clip posted was professionally done in some way. In the clip, Gadot was seen holding to her Huawei Mate 10 Pro and, you guessed it, it was posted using an iPhone too. Like, duh? If the Mate 10 Pro was really her phone, how would she have taken the video? Oh, wait. You mean, she needs to own two of the same devices to create a legit “say hello to my new mate” tweet?

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Sorry. Pardon me. I don’t know that’s an unspoken rule that every trying to endorse something need to abide by. Geez. What’s wrong with people these days? Nitpicking about every single [email protected]%king thing. But seriously, I don’t believe Anushka Sharma or Gal Gadot uses anything other than iPhone, after all, iPhone is a symbol of status.

Images: Marques Brownlee.

Source: The Indian Express.

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