EXO7 Belt Buckle and Holster Brass Case for iPhone 4S/4

EXO7 Belt Buckle and Holster Brass Case for iPhone 4S/4 900x600px
(photos: EXOvault) EXO7 Belt Buckle & Holster Case for iPhone 4S/4 | US$300.00 | www.etsy.com

the beauty of life is, we all have a shot at the best of both worlds no matter what we do. case in point: a sleek iPhone case that doubles as a belt buckle, or was it a belt buckle that doubles as an iPhone case? hmmm. whatever. this nifty accessory you see here is crafted from solid brass and inlaid with Pau Ferro wood, and a flip top with stainless steel hinges held firmly shut by a strong rare earth magnet keeps your iPhone from sliding out. it can be used as a standalone iPhone case, or use it as a pocket holster with its pocket attachment, or as a belt buckle with its metal belt buckle attachment but whatever you choose, it still keeps your iPhone safe, stylishly. now, you can actually tell the tale on how your iPhone is holding up your pants, doesn’t it? though, i must say when the phone rings, the act of retrieving your phone might not be a pretty sight in the public. also available in aluminum construction with rosewood inlays. the EXO7 Belt Buckle and Holster Brass Case for iPhone 4S/4 will set you back at a cool $300 a pop. pricey for a piece of belt buckle or a pricey for an iPhone case. you be the judge. a few more look after the break.
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Etsy via Geekologie

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