rev–>table has digital DNA, making it last forever

Supermechanical rev-->table 900x550pxbr />(photos: Supermechanical) rev–>table | US$667.00 |

remember that side table that you adores so much but have to let go because of wear and tear? traumatic experience, huh? but that need not be the case if its superbly built like this rev–>table as engineered by MIT startup, Supermechanical and even if it does break a leg or two, its laser etched barcode aluminum plate on the tabletop contains the blueprint which allows you to recreate part of the table or the whole table even when the product is discontinued. now, who says beautiful does not last? the table top is made from solid wood and the legs are of laser cut item from “cold-rolled steel, bent on computer-controlled press brakes.” and topped with “an industrial-grade powdercoat” that ensures its longevity, and if it doesn’t, there’s always the digital DNA with the table’s blueprint to fall back on. all you need is a smartphone that can scan the two-dimensional barcode to retrieve the stored DXF files, send it to your local machine shop and have the damaged part replaced in no time.
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according to Supermechanical, you can even alter the original plans as you see fit to create your very own custom version of this table. let’s not forget that the laser etched barcode on aluminum plate lends a pretty geeky touch to the table which i simply dig. now on to the good news. this gorgeous side table is no concept and it be yours for $667 each. some might consider it as way too expensive for a piece of side table but for something that can be past down to generations after generations, it is certainly not expensive. how do i know? just add up how many side tables that the many generations to come will buy and i am sure you will find a break-even point somewhere. if that’s not assuring enough, the quality as it is, sure beat the hell out of those “sawdust and glue” MDF board made furniture that IKEA is offering.

Supermechanical via Gizmodo

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