Look around you. How many furniture you see are actually designed with ladies in mind? Hardly, I’d say. The Falmer ‘Hers’ from Revised, however, that breaks the convention. It is a wardrobe that caters to ladies’ needs.

Revised Falmers ‘Hers’ Wardrobe

Crafted from solid wood and veneered panels, Revised Falmer ‘Hers’ Wardrobe features a swivel mirror with a wooden panel on one side that blends in with the front, so it can be used both when the door is open and close. Also on the exterior is a large drawer dedicated to shoes.

On the inside, it is divided in the center into two sections. The left of the wardrobe boasts multiple drawers and storage space, including a hidden drawer for your secrets like, you know what wink wink, along with the all-important shelf for makeup or jewelry and finally rounding up with a hanger rod.

Revised Falmers ‘Hers’ Wardrobe

On the right is a plain hanger rod, suitable for long garments.

While it has all requisite features that most ladies would need, it is not big. It measures 120 cm (3.94’) wide, 64 cm (2.1’) deep and just 210 cm (6.89’) tall.

Revised Falmers ‘Hers’ Wardrobe was designed by Sjoerd Vrooland for Revised and it is available in a choice of Walnut or Oak. Price is upon request.

All images courtesy of Revised.

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