Shoot A Brew will catapult cans of beer to you, literally

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(credit: Shoot A Brew, edited by mike) Shoot A Brew Cooler | US$295.00 (pre-order) |

throughout the history of beer consumption, mankind has tried every possible way to make life more of a party than a chore (when it comes to booze, that is). beer aficionados has conceived the possibility of mobile beer party with the Beer Bike, then there is an attempt to reduce the foaming-up by filling the beer from the bottoms up, and among other inventions which we probably have yet to discover. now these guys wants your cooler to toss the beer to you, literally.
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to get the cooler catapulting your booze to you, fill it up with up to 24 cans of 12 oz (350 ml) booze, pack in some ice to keep them chill and hit the remote to launch your alcoholic beverage across to you. the cooler tosses the beer through the lid and can reach you even if you’re 8 feet (2.4 meters) away. the remote is waterproofed, making it perfect for a pool-cum-beer party. catapulting your beer saves you from the short walk to the cooler and keeps the content colder as there’s no need to open the entire lid. hmmm… is this how we further cultivate our beer belly by eliminating every opportunity for us to move before downing a can?

the Shoot A Brew comes with a pair of wheels and a handle for you to tow it to the party of your choice. the Shoot A Brew will set you back at $295 and is available for pre-order on Shoot A Brew website. check out the intro video below.

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