Pressurized Beer Bong Is How Everyone Should Chug Their Booze

Forget about regular beer bongs. They are cumbersome, slow, and perhaps most dreadful is, traditional beer bong needs two at least two person to operate. Hardly an acceptable practice in this world that’s pride itself in efficiency even when at play. This is where Q-bong Pressurized Beer Bong Funnel comes in. No charging required, btw.

PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer System Does Cold Brew Coffee Too

From the maker who pretty much pioneered easy home craft beer brewing, PicoBrew, comes a new pro-grade, scalable brewing appliance called PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer Appliance. What makes the Z Series stands out is not just its datacenter-inspired scalability; it is the one appliance that also does cold brew coffee (!) and kombucha, and […]

Lo and Behold! You Can Soon Own An Inflatable Version Of Moe’s Tavern!

Lo and behold! You can soon own Springfield’s most recognizable (and the only) watering hole, Moe’s Tavern. I know right? It is like a dream come true for any The Simpsons fan. The coolest part about this real-life Inflatable Moe’s Tavern is, you need no structure license or whatever licenses your local government insists that […]

Pico Is A Complete Automated Brewing System That Makes 5L Of Beer In 2 Hours

Holiday season means if you don’t stock up on beer stash, you will have a hard time getting some if they run out when most of the stores are closed. However, that’s a non-issue if you brew it yourself. Though so, home brewing is never an easy process. It can get quite messy at times. […]

ManCan Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Cold, Crisp Beer Even In The Wild

For those who consumes beer like water, chances are you are not going to enjoy outdoor life as much. Your heart may tell you to get your ass out into the wild, but your love for booze tells you that you are probably going feel terrible trekking with withdrawal symptom from this crisp, golden, fermented […]

Stoneware Growler Goes Back to Basic, Could be the Most Stylish Growler Yet

If you believe in consuming your favorite craft beer in style, then a pretty and stylish growler is a must and if so, you may want to give this uber cool-looking growler, dubbed Stoneware Growler, by Orange Vessel a thought. Inspired by old juicejugs, Stoneware Growler features a ring-style handle, seamlessly integrated to the bottle, […]

This Beer Gadget Will Make Store-Bought Beer Tastes Like Craft Beer

Beer connoisseurs accept nothing but craft beers, well mostly, but the truth is, not everyone has time to hit up their local watering holes for a pint or two on regularly basis and therefore, the next best thing for their booze fix would be those off-the-shelf bottled or canned booze. Another option is to craft […]

Self-contained Brewie Can Brew Beer with a Swipe of a RFID Recipe Card

Having a microbrewery at home is an unattainable dream for most and even if you have the riches required to build one, you will need a sprawling residence to accommodate the no less massive brewing rig, else you will have to settle for those plastic brewing kit found in Walmart. However, if Hungary-based outfit Brewie […]

Oche Pong Lets You Take the Game of Beer Pong Anywhere. Yes. Anywhere.

Partying in your dorm? Bet you would love to include beer pong in the mix, but honestly, do you have the real estate in that tiny space of yours? I’d say hardly and this is where Oche Pong Wall-mountable Beer Pong is able to help. So how the heck can you even play beer pong […]

Box Brew Kit Lets You Craft Your Own Beer in Rustic Style

The evolution of beer drinking goes like this: it begins with run-of-the-mill boozes, consumed while you cheered at the games or at your backyard with bacons, hotdogs and such. Then you find that you deserve better than those mass produced booze and so, you find yourself digging craft beer at your local watering hole, eventually […]