For those who consumes beer like water, chances are you are not going to enjoy outdoor life as much. Your heart may tell you to get your ass out into the wild, but your love for booze tells you that you are probably going feel terrible trekking with withdrawal symptom from this crisp, golden, fermented beverage. But that’s a worry before ManCan comes along. ManCan is, as its creator described, “a personal keg system that keeps your favorite beer fresh, carbonated, and delicious,” right on your back. You are damn right it is portable, very portable, which means no matter how remote you are, you will never be without your favorite beer.

ManCan Personal Keg System

The ‘system’ comes with an indestructible stainless steel keg that you can choose to carry on your back much like a Scuba tank, complete with a 2-stage regulator system and flex hose tap, so you can tap out even when the can is on your back. How’s that for booze on the go, eh? Hell, if you don’t need to breath, I bet this could be on your back in your next Scuba adventure. Nah, I am just bullshitting you. Everyone needs to breathe, even for a booze addict, so don’t quote me.

Available in two capacities: 128 oz. (one gallon) and 64 oz. (half gallon), with the 128 oz. variety being offered in two kits, the ManCan 128 Machismo Kit and the ManCan 128 Flex Kit. The latter is the one you want to get if you want to tap out over your shoulder. Each system comes with two CO2 cartridges, a packet of cleaning tablets and “heck lot of happiness.” Prices start at $195. ManCan was a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter last year, pulling in a grand $320K with over 1,600 backers. Lucky for us, this is not a ‘fishy’ project and it is now a reality.

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ManCan Personal Keg System

ManCan Personal Keg System

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