Bentley lifestyle products include iPad and smartphone cases

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(image credit: Bentley) Bentley iPad and Smartphone cases | from £45.00 |

it’s a norm for luxury automotive brand to move into lifestyle products to capture the heart and mind of their target consumers. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and among the many others have been doing it and now, Bentley is entering the game with a few leather products that are made from the same hide that are used in Bentley cars. the company that does Bentley’s leather interior is none other than Ettinger, a company that has been hand-crafting leather pieces for the last 70 years.
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this new line of leather goods include iPad cases, cases for iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. the cases come in two (fancy named) colors, Hotsput or Beluga, which are essentially black or red. these colors would be a familiar to buyers of Bentley, obviously i am not one of them. along with the cases, Ettinger also makes Bentley wallets, pass holders, luggage tags, purses and keyring.

prices of these leather goods start from £45 (about US$73) for the smartphone cases, while the iPad cases will set you back at £89 (about US$145). perhaps these prices aren’t much of an ‘issue’ to any Bentley owners, hence i thought the mention of the prices would be unnecessary. what’s £89 as compared with six-figure price tag of a Bentley automobile? perhaps, nothing.

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