Meet The World’s Rarest Upcycled Electric Vehicle, A 1961 Bentley S2 Continental

From the folks behind the first electric classic Rolls-Royce, Lunaz Design is yet another drool-worthy classic luxury car. Joining the electric classic Rolls-Royce, electric Aston Martin DB9, and the many other converted classics is the world’s rarest upcycled electric vehicle, a 1961 Bentley S2 Continental.

Bentley Bacalar And Continental GT Speed Now As 1:43 Scale Collectibles

The Bentley Bacalar and Continental GT Speed are no longer available to buy new but we have good news. Not only both cars are still available but cost a fraction of the original asking price. There’s a catch though; they are in a 1:43 scale. That’s right. They are die-cast collectibles. While small, as a …

Bentley And The Macallan Reveal The Macallan Horizon Single Malt Whiskey

Drinking and driving do not mix but it never stops automakers and distilleries from serving up a bottle or two. The Bentley Motors x The Macallan is the latest to join this exclusive automobile x whiskey club. Bentley has collaborated with the world-renowned distillery for an exquisite distilled spirit bottled in an unparalleled vessel.

Five Years In The Making, The Bentley Bentayga 22” Carbon Fiber Wheel Is Finally Ready

Weight-saving is critical to performance cars, but not so much for a SUV. However, it is equally important to Bentley. The luxury marque’s coachbuilding division, Mulliner, had spent the last five years working with Bucci Composites to develop the largest carbon fiber wheel which is also the first carbon wheel to pass TÜV testing.

Here’s A Gorgeous, Ground-up Rebuild Of The 1939 Bentley Corniche Lost During World War II

This is the 1939 Bentley Corniche. Not the classic Bentley that was lost to a wartime bombing raid in France during World War II. It was not even a restore mod, btw. It is a ground-up rebuild by Mulliner, the British marque’s coachbuilding division. What’s really impressive was, it was rebuilt based solely on the …