Tom of Tom and Jerry is perhaps the one cartoon character that has been in the most malformed situations other than the good’ol Wile E. Coyote. Celebrating Tom and Jerry‘s 80 years in 2020, LEGO Ideas member, BrickGallery, has proposed a Tom and Jerry set that includes buildable figures of Tom and Jerry.

LEGO Tom and Jerry Figures by BrickGallery

Tom here is, of course, buildable into several of his malformed shapes. Jerry, too, will has his fair share of malformation, but Tom’s should be the most hilarious because, hey, it’s Tom, damn it!

While BrickGallery’s proposed may not be as accurate as the sculpture version we saw a while back, they are good enough representation of Tom’s agonies. If you want to see BrickGallery’s LEGO Tom and Jerry 80th Anniversary Figures have a shot of being an official LEGO set, you can drop your one precious support on LEGO Ideas.

LEGO Tom and Jerry Figures by BrickGallery

Images: LEGO Ideas (BrickGallery).

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