You read the headline and you probably already know where this is headed. Origin PC BIG O RetrO Edition Desktop is the holy Grail of retro video gaming… not. Origin PC pulled off an April Fool’s day prank which made us sad.

Origin PC Big O RetrO Edition Desktop

Here’s the very surreal pitch:

“The new RetrO desktop is the ultimate gaming PC ever built using futuristic hardware combined with every console ever released, every arcade machine ever released, every PC game ever released, every board game ever released, and basically every game ever released! “

Origin PC Big O RetrO Edition Desktop

A rig that plays every. game. ever. released. Imagine that and you will know… It is not quite possible. Good one, Origin PC. But can we add that it was pretty cruel? Ugh. I guess we will go back to emulator.

And here’s the “promo” video to complete this cruel prank:

Images: Origin PC.

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