This Insane Gaming PC Is Packed With A PS4 Pro, A Xbox One X, A Nintendo Switch And Plays PC Games Too

Well, this ought to be the craziest custom gaming PC built ever. It had to be. I mean, seriously, it is a gaming PC rocking top-of-the-line NVIDIA RTX Titan GPU and it is also PS4 Pro, a Xbox One X, and a Nintendo Switch. We are not even making this up. This thing is very …

Origin Premium Mobile Gaming Bundle

most geeky gamers would love to customize their own gaming rigs, but if you prefer not to go through the configuration hassle, Origin PC has a cool bundle for you. for a limited time, the gaming PC maker is offering its EON17-SLX RTS (read-to-ship) gaming laptop bundled with Razer Lachesis gaming mouse, Corsair HSIA gaming headset and an Origin PC messenger bag.