LG Capsule System Wants To Take The Science Out Of Home Brew Beer

LG has been making home appliances far longer than it has been making mobile phones. As such, it has amassed a long catalog of home and kitchen appliances under its name that have pretty much every aspect of your life covered. That said, you would have thought the South Korean electronics giant would want coffee […]

ManCan Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Cold, Crisp Beer Even In The Wild

For those who consumes beer like water, chances are you are not going to enjoy outdoor life as much. Your heart may tell you to get your ass out into the wild, but your love for booze tells you that you are probably going feel terrible trekking with withdrawal symptom from this crisp, golden, fermented […]

Synek Brings Draft Beer To Your Countertop With More Variety Than You Can Drink

men have long been fascinated with draft beer and hence beside hitting the local watering hole for a mug or two, there are kegerators to you happy at home too, but kegerators, if they are even affordable, are no simple machines and often, once setup, it will be a hassle to relocate the machine. this […]

KRUPS The Sub Heineken Edition

avid beer drinkers would love to have a micro brewery right in their man caves, but most would settle for some home brewing kit which comes standard with a few issues. firstly, the taste of the malt might surprise you; second, it is often flat; and third, you will never get that crisp, cold brew you had at your local watering hole.