Here’s a project by two people who are super passionate about draft beer. So passionate that they want to have the draft system wherever they go. And with the deep desire, a sleek, ultra-portable draft bar system called Cooler Keg is born. Cooler Keg is a three-way marriage between a classic picnic cooler, a keg, and a draft system.

Cooler Keg Power-free Outdoor Draft System

The Cooler Keg consists of a stainless steel cooler, a detachable dual-dispensing draft tower atop, two refillable 228 oz kegs for up to 37 beers (12oz) or 72 cocktails (6oz), three custom cold packs, an upper tray, one CO2 regulator with tubing and fittings, and a top plug to filling the hole when the draft tower is removed. That’s right. The draft tower is removable, letting you use the box as, well, a cooler. Sweet.

The Cooler Keg will come supplied with four CO2 cartridges to get you started. Speaking of which, one of the brilliant things about this system is that it uses the same regulator and CO2 as any bar or restaurant, and so you’d be getting the same quality you would expect from a bar/restaurant.

Cooler Keg Power-free Outdoor Draft System

Cooler Keg requires no power. It uses the included custom ice packs which you have to pre-freeze to keep the beverage in the keg cold. Since this is a regular cooler too, you can also add ice if things get a little too warm.

Cooler Keg is highly portable, self-contained, and best of all, free of any external lines, making it look superbly clean and sleek.

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If you are down for bar-quality draft beer wherever you go, you may want to consider securing a unit for US$629 and up from Indiegogo where Cooler Keg is having a pre-sale campaign.

Cooler Keg Power-free Outdoor Draft System

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