The primary function of a flashlight is to shine. Some has additional functions like window breaker, but Nextool has taken many steps further with its line of multi-purpose survival flashlight.

Nextool Multi-function Survival Flashlight

Depending on the model, features can include IPX7 rating, up to a 1,000 lumens of brightness, up to 140 hours of runtime, SOS function, and rechargeable battery.

Those features are just scratching the surface. A particular model, loosely translate as “Nextool Lightning Safety Survival Stick,” has all my attention. In addition to serving as a 500 lumens flashlight good for 150 meters (492 feet or 164 yards), it also boasts strobe light for drawing attention in an emergency, plus a number of personal safety and security features.

Nextool Multi-function Survival Flashlight

When long press on the power button for 2.5 seconds, it will trigger a super bright flashing light that can be used to blind your assailant and at the same time, activates an ear-piercing sound to scare the attacker as well as to draw attention of passerby to you.

That’s not it. It has built-in IR and lens for sniffing out hidden cameras (much like the SpyFinder we have reviewed a couple of years ago) at temporary accommodations like hotel, Airbnb et cetera.

Nextool Multi-function Survival Flashlight

I believe that’s a first for a flashlight and we also believe it is also the first flashlight to rock a motion sensor. When activated, it can be placed in a drawer or hang on the door handle to serve as an alarm when someone opens the drawer or door. Any vibration will trigger an ear-piercing alarm which should scare perpetrators away and also alert you.

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Finally, it has a high voltage double arc igniter on its end cap that can serve as a lighter as well as a self-defense weapon against threats.

Nextool Multi-function Survival Flashlight

A battery, rechargeable via a USB-C interface, offers up to 15 hours of runtime on lowest setting, or 180 times of ignition, or 1.5 hours of fast flashing light and ear-piercing alarm. All these features are packed inside an aerospace-grade (6061-T6) aluminum body.

On paper, the Nextool Multi-purpose Survival Flashlight is indeed an ideal self-defense survival tool and the best part, it has a starting price of just 99 yuan or about US$15.

Nextool Multi-function Survival Flashlight

There’s a catch here, though. The IR hidden camera detector is only available on the “Travel Peek Prevention” model while the igniter is only found available on the “Electric Arc Self-defense” model.

Images: Xiaomi Youpin (Nextool).

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