Wine Cellar Integrated into Staircase

Obviously, not everyone can afford a wine room like Chuck and Rilla, you know, due to money and/or space constraints. If you have a staircase, well then you may do what Murray Berrill Constructions in Australia did.

Murray Berrill cleverly turned the dead space of a set of staircase in his home into a secret wine cellar. This wine cellar-in-stairs has a capacity of 156 bottles with each steps sporting two drawers.

What makes this build stands out was, Berrill actually used pre-made drawers found at a hardware store and so, he kind save on the fabrication of drawers.

Works have been done to insulate the drawers and thermometer is built into it to monitor the temperature. Not sure how thermometer helps here. It won’t serve any purpose other than temperature monitoring, unless it has a climate control built into it which I believe it doesn’t have, yet.

Then again, with an estimated cost of around 5,000 Australian dollars (roughly $3,141), one really can’t ask for the world. That said, it may be a budget that wine lovers with space-starved home will be able to work with.

Images: Facebook (Murray Berrill Constructions).

Source: Laughing Squid via boing boing.