Design Epicentrum Porsche 356 and AC Cobra Style Sofas

Ask any petrol head, the odds are they’d parked their car in the living if they could. Sadly, not everyone can do that. The next best thing petrol heads can do is to have part of the car in the living. And part of the car is what specialist furniture maker Design Epicentrum has to offer.

Design Epicentrum Porsche 356 and AC Cobra Style Sofas

The maker best known for its Lamborghini couches and desks have moved beyond the Raging Bull marque and it is now offering “racing sofas” based on two of the most iconic classic sports cars of our time: AC Cobra and Porsche 356.

Little is known about these couches. But if Design Epicentrum is consistent, expect to find authentic-looking front end of these classics as your sofa. And that alone is an attractive proposition to any petrol head.

Design Epicentrum Porsche 356 and AC Cobra Style Sofas

How can it not be? Imagine Netflix and chilling out between the headlights of AC Cobra or a Porsche 356? That is life! Also, if consistent, these sofas should be customizable with a selection of upholstery colors, front lighting, color of the wheels and more.

We got words straight from Design Epicentrum. However, we did not receive more information, including the pricing. But as always, if you are super keen in getting one or many Porsche 356 and AC Cobra Style Sofas, be sure to get in touch with Design Epicentrum for more information.

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All images courtesy of Design Epicentrum.

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