If you live and breathe luxury sports car, then it is safe to assume you have a garage full of exotic rides and if so, it is only fitting that your living looked the same. Now, the thing is, not everyone has the luxury of putting his or her favorite luxury sports car in the living, but with Design Epicentrum’s Lamborghini Sofas, you can realize this car enthusiast’s dream.

Lamborghini Sofas by Design Epicentrum

The only differences are, it is likely to cost a lot less your Lamborghini and also, it can’t be driven. But you can totally Netflix and Chill on it, which is what these exotic racing sofas are about. From the maker who puts Lamborghini and Bugatti in your office comes the new model of Lamborghini sofas that combines a realistic Lamborghini front end with automobile-inspired three-seater bench seat – complete with headrests – in luxurious leather upholstery.

Lamborghini Sofas by Design Epicentrum

However, the couch is customizable to your desire, including not having the automobile-inspired seat (though we thought having automobile-inspired seat will be a lot cooler). As far as we can tell, the front end is super convincing. It even has two sport wheels, wrapped in tires, to add to the realism. Definitely a must-have furniture for any exotic sports car lovers.

Lamborghini Sofas by Design Epicentrum

Typically, each sofa measures 190 cm long, 160 cm deep, and it is low-slung like an actual sports car at 80 cm (6.2 x 5.2 x 2.6 feet). But I have say, as impressive as it is, you ought to have a large enough space to really let this piece of furniture shines. I mean, you can’t shove it to the wall like a typical couch because, that hide the beautiful front end.

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The car “body” is of fiberglass and each unit has the options to be outfitted with functional headlights and choice of colors for the wheels and the upholstery. Finally, for the true touch of exclusivity, each model is limited edition of just 44 pieces worldwide which probably makes this sofa more exclusive then the actual car itself. This is hands down the conversational piece any exotic car lovers could and should own. Price is, as with the desk, on request.

Lamborghini Sofas by Design Epicentrum

Images courtesy of Design Epicentrum.

A huge shout out to Piotr Marek for sending this in and tickling our soft spot.

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