Dogstar Portable LED Search Light

Dogstar Portable LED Search Light
Dogstar Portable LED Searchlight | about ¥1 million |

up till now, search lights have been restricted to being mounted and best mobile scenario would be a heli or a truck but the Dogstar Portable LED Search Light you see here might change all that. looking like a cross between a RPG and an assault rifle, this upsized futuristic LED flashlight is capable of a blinding 68,000 lumens of brightness which is something like 30 times more intensity than your regular tactical flashlight. as the name implies, its application is obvious: it is designed for search and rescue operations that needed the aid of a search light and presumingly in a situation where vehicles can’t access to such as caves or densely vegetated forests. other highlights include three level of brightness, two light modes, a Picatinny rails that can accommodate standard firearm accessories such as carrying handle and/or tactical scope, a shoulder stock with trigger-style light switch and a pair of assault rifle-style pistol grips with one sporting a trigger switch. weighing in at a little over 4 kilograms or about 9 pounds, it is fairly lightweight considering the power it has to offer but its compact size and lightness has a serious trade off in terms of run time: it has just 80 minutes running time when on maximum brightness, which may not be enough for a real search and rescue operation that could run up for many hours on ends. the Dogstar Portable LED Searchlight is expected to cost around a million yen (about US$12,600) a piece, though the maker has planned for an eventual availability, no word on when exactly it be available commercially.

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the Dogstar Portable LED Searchlight was showcased at the Risk Control in Tokyo (RISCON) Exhibition from October 17 – 19, 2012.

via Cool Things via Gigazine [JP]

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