Sony VISION-S Prototype Undergoes Public Road Testing In Europe

And here we are, thinking that the surprise reveal at last year’s CES, the Sony VISION-S Prototype, is nothing more than a show car to showcase Sony’s visual-based sensing technology. But as it turns it, a Sony electric vehicle may very become a reality.

Renault 5 Prototype EV: Inspired By The Original Renault 5 With Modern Tech And Lines

If the Renault R5 was what started your love for Renault like it did for me, then you got to love what the French automaker has done. It has revealed a Renault 5 Prototype, an electric mobility with design cues inspired by the world-renowned cult model, the R5.

Malaysia’s “Flying Car” Concept Looks Like It Had Cheap Fans Stuck On It

Malaysia is not particularly a pro when it comes to making cars. To put it bluntly, their National car isn’t the sharpest tools in the tool shed. But how bad it is? Well, lets just say that former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson had no good words for them and even caused a furore by […]

2018 Infiniti Project Black S Is A Hybrid, Has 560 HP And 4-Second Car

You know how automakers often say their involvement in motorsports like Formula 1 helps in advancing the tech on road-going cars? Well, the 2018 Infiniti Project Black S Prototype you see here is one example of that. The Infiniti Project Black S Prototype is a follow up to Nissan luxury marque’s 2017 Infiniti Project Black […]

Infiniti Reveals A Retro E-Race Car At Pebble Beach And It Looks Fabulous

No. Nissan’s luxury marque Infiniti did not exists 70 plus years ago. What you are looking here is Prototype 9, the marque’s tribute to the race cars of the olden days. Inspired by 1940s race car, the Prototype 9 was revealed at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It is not a representation of the […]

Honda Civic Type R Prototype Unveiled In Paris And It Is Headed To The U.S.

Honda is a like a person. As it grew older, it mellow downs. There was one time when a regular sedan from the Japanese automaker made 160 horses easy, but then, like all things in life, it sort of “deteriorates” and while the subsequent generations still used VTEC technology, they don’t quite match the horsepower […]

Honda 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype Is The Sportiest Civic Ever

Finally, March arrives and so has the Honda 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype which we had a sneak peek sometime in mid February and it looks pretty awesome and surprisingly, sporty. Like, really, really sporty. Even Honda can’t help but to claim that this would-be 10th generation Civic is the sportiest Civic ever. It has a […]

Meet EOLAB, Renault’s Practical Eco-friendly Car That Makes 1L/100KM

you guys know our stand on electric vehicles. we love the idea, but can’t make ourselves embrace the whole electric-powered concept totally because range and recharging time are big issues. until those two ‘pressing’ issues are resolved, our bet is still on the good’ol fossil fuel burning variety that promised lower impact to the environment, […]