Sony VISION-S Prototype Undergoes Testing

And here we are, thinking that the surprise reveal at last year’s CES, the Sony VISION-S Prototype, is nothing more than a show car to showcase Sony’s visual-based sensing technology. But as it turns it, a Sony electric vehicle may very become a reality.

Sony VISION-S Prototype Undergoes Testing

A couple of weeks ago, Sony Corporation announced the completion of its VISION-S prototype vehicle in December 2020 and it has since begun public road tests in Europe. Sony said it will further develop the vehicle and plans to conduct driving tests in other regions.

For those who don’t know, Sony VISION-S Prototype is culmination of many of Sony’s technologies, including imaging and sensing technology, onboard software regulated by Sony’s AI and cloud technologies, and boasts a so-called “360 Reality Audio” that offer “deep and immersive audio experience” pumped out through speakers built into the car seats and a panoramic screen.

Sony VISION-S Prototype Undergoes Testing

This four-seater electric car is powered by a dual motor setup, each boasting 200 kW peak power, that could potentially rocket the 5,180 lbs (2,350 kilograms) EV from naught to 100 (0-62 mph) in just 4.8 seconds and sending it on its way to a top speed of 149 mph (240 km/h).

Meanwhile, handling benefits from all-wheel drive, a set of 21-inch wheels wrapped in 245/40R21 (front) and 275/35R21 (rear) rubbers, and a double wishbone suspension setup with air spring system.

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For the latest updates on the development of Sony EV, you may want to hit up a Sony VISION-S website.

Images: Sony.