Can you imagine driving a Sony car? No? Yeah, me either. But here it is, a car from Sony which the company proudly revealed at CES 2020. Called Sony VISION-S Prototype Vehicle, this automobile is a collection of many of Sony’s technology, including a bunch of imaging and sensing technology, and onboard software regulated by Sony’s AI and cloud technologies.

Sony VISION-S Prototype Vehicle CES 2020

This Tesla lookalike car packs 33 sensors CMOS and ToF sensors that, along with onboard software, gave it awareness that will enable it to detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car. It is a crazy notion that cars could be aware in future. I will go as far as to say it is a creepy tech.

In addition, the car boasts a so-called “360 Reality Audio” that promised “deep and immersive audio experience” delivered through speakers built into each seat. Sony said, this will “encapsulate passengers in sound,” but why do we need that? I have absolutely no idea.

Finally, there’s a panoramic screen that spits out content, but that is almost not as exciting (and creepy) as the bunch sensors which see has limit-less potential to create a totally self-aware vehicle.

Sony probably won’t be making its own vehicle. The Sony VISION-S Prototype Vehicle serves as proof of concept of sort of how Sony’s suite of technologies can work for the automobile of future. If you want, you can learn more about Sony VISION-S Prototype Vehicle at this dedicated page HERE.

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All images courtesy of Sony.

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