Do you hate the presence of camera lenses on the back of a smartphone? While Oppo may have sort of eliminated the need for forehead, notch or hole punch without using pop-up camera, OnePlus has teamed up with McLaren to kind of “gotten rid” of the cameras around the back of the phone.

This innovative tech is seen on the phone maker’s OnePlus Concept One. Don’t let the beautiful McLaren orange stitched leather and the gold finish frame distract you. Look closely and you will realize that it ain’t has visible cameras on the back.

Make no mistake, though. The cameras are there, they are just shrouded by a technology known as electrochromic glass that allows the glass to turn from black to clear to allow for photo and video recording.

OnePlus Concept One Smartphone at CES 2020
No camera bump, no visible cameras equals sleek.

For the uninitiated, electrochromic glass, also known as dynamic glass, is an electronically tint-able glass that has been used in buildings and more recently, automobiles. In either case, it allows users to control the amount of lights to get into the interior at a touch of button.

OnePlus and McLaren has managed to port this technology, shrinking it down to fit into a phone. Pretty snazzy, eh? Not going to lie. I am embracing this technology for sure and we certainly hope to see it implemented in future phones. Not that cameras around the back bother me in anyway, but just feel, you know, futuristic.

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To get a feel how impress this tech is, you have a look at the official video of this wonderful tint-able glass technology in action embedded below.

Images: YouTube (OnePlus).

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