At the Oppo Inno Day 2019, the handset maker Oppo has brought to the table a ton of innovations. It includes 65 W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge found on the Oppo Reno Ace and a yet-to-be-released 30 W Wireless VOOC that could fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery, wirelessly, in just 80 minutes.

Also present was the Oppo 5G CPE, a connection fun for smart home and smart office. Oppo 5G CPE, as the name implies, leverages on 5G network to enable a stable and high-speed WiFi connectivity. The future of fiber sure is bleak.

Another interesting tech was Oppo’s first AR Smart Glasses which, in reality, is really a mixed reality device. Combining TOF depth sensor and SLAM algorithm, Oppo AR Smart Glasses is capable of 3D environment sensing and 3D reconstruction, and in full-color high-definition display afforded by diffractive waveguide technology.

It was a day of innovation and such, Oppo won’t, for the world, miss the opportunity to show off its under-screen camera (USC). The technology was first introduced back in June at the Shanghai MWC.

USC is no doubt a dream tech that every notch haters wish for. It will allow for an uninterrupted, true edge-to-edge display while still affording users to take photos, use face unlock and of course, make video calls.

Oppo Under Screen Display

Oppo said its latest USC solution boasts a custom camera module that is able to capture more light. There is a “zoning control” on the screen which, together with a “highly transparent” material, enhances transmittance of light through the screen and into the camera sensor.

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The USC is further bolstered by Oppo’s multiple algorithms like haze removal and white balance that will allow selfie staple features like smart beauty mode and photo filters to be be implemented in future.

The key word here is ‘future’. While Oppo is making progress, it will be a while before USC will be mature enough for smartphone. But it is coming alright. Oppo is not the only company that is striving for a notch-less and pop-up camera-less smartphone, Xiaomi is also working on similar technology too.

Here are some images from of the USC from Shanghai MWC:

Images: Oppo.

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