Oppo Skipped Find X4, Jumps Straight Into X5 With New Self-developed Imaging Chip

The alluring, smooth camera bump found on Oppo Find X3, has made its way to its successor, the Oppo Find X5. It is not a typo. There’s no X4. For some reason unknown to us, Oppo decided to give the number ‘4’ a miss and jump straight to Oppo Find X5.

Oppo Find N Foldable Smartphone Has Two Key Features That Had Me Sold

Folding phones is still not common. Why? Possibly because of the price, or is it because of its unusual form factor when closed? Oppo thinks so and so the handset maker decided to give its first foldable smartphone, the Oppo Find N, a more regular closed-form factor.

Oppo Air Glass Is Monocle Smart Glass That Requires A Frame To Attach It To

Oppo has revealed a smart eyewear called Oppo Air Glass. However, the Oppo Air Glass is not quite an AR smart glasses like the Oppo AR Glass 2021. It is a smart glass. Note the singular ‘glass’ because it is pretty much monocle eyewear.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Lensman Edition Mimics The Look Of A Traditional Camera

You know I felt about the Oppo Find X3 Series. I am sold by the camera bump that “melts” into the back cover and as such, I am compelled to feature the latest Oppo Find X3 Pro Lensman Edition even though it is a little over 2 months late.

Oppo Reno7 Series Smartphone Is Rocking A “Flagship-grade” 22 nm Process Image Sensor Co-developed With Sony

With hundreds of new phones coming onto the market each year, it is hard for handset makers to stand out from the competition unless the device in question is a Galaxy or Pixel device, or an iPhone. More so if the device is a mid-range device. But Oppo, as always, found a way to shine …

Oppo Partnered With Artist Joshua Vides For Doodle-style Oppo Reno5 Pro+

Artist Joshua Vides is best known for doing the extreme opposite of hyperrealistic arts and drawings. In other words, he turn what’s real into drawings. His latest work is something unexpected, though. It’s a phone. An Oppo smartphone, to be more precise.

Oppo Reno5 Smartphone Has A Glow-In-the-Dark Camera Bump Because, It Can

Smartphone innovation may have reached the peak for now. What else can a handset maker can innovate after under display camera, in-display fingerprint sensor, high refresh rate and crazy fast charging? Oh, wait. How about throwing a glow-in-the-dark element?

Oppo Find X2 League of Legends S10 Comes In A Beautiful Hextech Chest

On one hand, Oppo is leading the handset industry with innovations like pop-up camera, under display fingerprint scanner, under display camera, insane charging speed and rollable screen display phone. And on the other, it is slowly becoming known for its handset collabs.