AMBUSH’s Heart Padlock Bag Turned Into A Case For Oppo Find N3 Flip

Do you know Tokyo-based fashion accessories brand, AMBUSH? And do you know that its signature bag is the Heart Padlock Bag? Well, never mind if you don’t because you are going to know now – thanks to a unique collaboration between the Chinese smartphone maker Oppo and AMBUSH for an exclusive accessory for the recently …

Oppo Find N3 Announced, Bids Farewell To The Unique Form Factor It Started

It’s easy to forget what makes you who are once you have succeeded. OnePlus fell victim to this and has at one point lived long enough to see itself become the very thing it seeks to destroy (flagship). Turns out, OnePlus’s parent company ain’t much different. It set out to change the folding phone world …

Oppo Find N3 Flip: Oppo’s 3rd-Gen Clamshell-style Folding Phone Gets A New Tri-Camera Setup

With Motorola and Samsung going big with the cover screen on their latest clamshell-style folding phone, you would think Oppo would do the same with its next-gen N Flip. Nope. It did not. The new Oppo Find N3 Flip [CH] that has recently been announced still retains the half-cover screen.

Oppo Find N2 Folding Phone: This Time, The Second Display Gets A Lot Of Love

Exactly a year on since revealing its first folding phone, Oppo has announced a follow-up simply called Oppo Find N2. The new Oppo Find N2 retains the awesome form factor and design of the Find N but with several improvements in the area of the display, hinge design, processor (obviously), and imaging.

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