Oppo Under Display Selfie Camera Unveiled

For a person who hated bezel and notch, this is possibly the best news I have heard all day. At the Mobile World Congress 2019 Shanghai on June 26, Oppo has officially unveiled its under display selfie camera technology which it calls Under-Screen Camera (USC).

The camera features a customized camera module, paired to an enhanced translucent panel material to allow lights to get to the lens and advanced processing algorithms to enable images quality that “rivals current smartphones.”

To further enable more light to reach the sensor, Oppo implemented a wider aperture lens than typical front-facing camera. However, with this larger aperture and presence of a translucent material over it, the image quality suffers as a result.

Oppo Under Display Selfie Camera Unveiled

This is where the “advanced processing algorithms” comes in. The algorithms address issues like hazing, glare, and color cast to enable vivid images that are on par with current smartphones. Oppo is not alone in the quest for a true bezel-less and notch-less phone.

Xiaomi was quick to follow up with its own iteration of under display camera following Oppo’s teaser video posted earlier this month. While Xiaomi is not quite known for being the leader in innovation, Oppo is no stranger to breaking new grounds. It was the first handset maker to introduce rotating camera unit and pioneered the pop-up camera system which first appeared on Oppo Find X.

That said, USC is not the only tech it has brought along to MWC Shanghai. At the event, the handset maker also unveiled and demonstrated MeshTalk, a decentralized short-range communication solution that will allow you to talk and text without WiFi, Bluetooth or even cellular data and doing so at up to 3 kilometers (1.9 miles).

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MeshTalk leverages on “a custom, low power chipset enables a LAN network and relay communication system between multiple Oppo devices when they are within range.” Think of MeshTalk as a more advanced kind of walkie talkie technology.

MeshTalk can actually relay signal between devices (Oppo devices, obviously) and thus, possibly enabling MeshTalk to work even further than the said 3 km. Well, I am pretty sure MeshTalk will come in handy in a zombie apocalypse. Also, why do I have a feeling that telecommunication companies won’t be happy about MeshTalk?

Images: Oppo.

Source: Oppo [CH] via MacRumors.