Oppo Under Display Selfie Camera

It is happening. Our wish is almost coming true. A smartphone that does without a notch, or pop or slide up camera, a smartphone with an under display selfie camera. It looks like Oppo may become the first in the market to tout this, though it is unclear what model will include this revolutionary tech. The notch, along with the camera bump, is arguably the worst thing ever happened to a smartphone design and relish at the prospect that the former will be behind us soon.

Oppo Under Display Selfie Camera

Though we also wish someone will do something about the annoying rear camera bump. Seriously. Anywho… I’d be lying to say if I am not thrilled by this new development. And whenever new innovations came out by any Android handset maker, I always wonder what’s the once leader in innovations, Apple, are doing? Certainly, Jobs won’t stand for being overtaken by other brands, would he?

Apparently, the video posted on Oppo’s official Twitter account today on June 3rd was first posted on Weibo by Oppo VP Brian Shen. Along with the video, he concedes that the under display camera’s optical quality may not match the same match up to the selfie camera implemented with current methods. But he seems optimistic, saying that “no new technology jumps to perfection right away.” Well, he is damn right. But at least Oppo is willing to explore.

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Remember how in-display fingerprint sensor technology was imperfect too? And that was just last year or something, isn’t it? So, we’d say it is matter of time (short time, to be precise) before the under display camera technology is perfected. I see how it can’t be. It should be based on the principle of teleprompter. No? Can’t wait for the day to erect a tomb for notch and hole punch camera(s).

Images: Twitter (@oppo).

Source: The Verge.