Lyra Titanium Morphing Nano Knife

What you see here is the Lyra Titanium Morphing Nano Knife by Horizon Knives. As the product name suggests, it is a morphing knife and it is off titanium. With Lyra, Horizon Knives really pushes the envelope how compact a morphing knife can get. As you can see, the result is super compact (just 2″ long) that opens up to a functional knife that’s almost 3x its closed length.

“Lyra, inspired by the rhombus shaped constellation of the same name, is a unique morphing EDC knife with the design goal of creating the smallest closed knife possible while still providing a full four finger grip.”

Key features include contoured linkage, a full 4-finger grip, built in locking mechanism to ensure it stays closed and open, D2 steel Wharncliffe blade with ergonomic scoop-shaped thumb rest, lanyard hole, and an all metal design machined from solid pieces of grade 5 titanium.

If you are down in owning one, you may want to consider backing Horizon Knives on Kickstarter. A pledge of $79 or more will secure yourself a unit. Surprisingly affordable, if you ask me. As with any Kickstarter campaign, it will only materialized if the campaign meets or surpasses its set funding goal (which Lyra is not far off and it has more than a month to go).

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All images courtesy of Horizon Knives.

Submitted via TIP US Page.