so a Curved OLED TV is not enough to trick into believing that you are getting the IMAX experience? well, no worries at all, as long you have pretty penny to drop, you can actually have an IMAX Private Theater installed in your home. we kid you not – this IMAX private theater is very real and is brought to you by none other than the people behind the real-deal IMAX cinema (aka IMAX Corporation). like any ‘regular’ custom home theater, the IMAX Private Theater is custom to each individual space, leveraging on the company’s patented theater design to create the optimal viewing environment “by engineering the room’s shape and seating placement to fully exploit the features of the legendary IMAX screen.” of course, the screen here refers to the IMAX signature curved screen that spans from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

other features include proprietor and custom 7.1-channel laser-aligned sound system and state-of-the-art dual 4K projection systems for lifelike, crystal-clear images. in short, the goal of the IMAX Private Theater is a simple one: to recreate what you will experience in an IMAX-certified cinema, and still having that extra privacy that you can’t get in public theaters. the only other thing left to do is to actually find some 4K IMAX flicks to enjoy. there’s no telling of how much a ‘typical’ IMAX Private Theater setup would set you back, but it is without doubt a thing reserved for the super rich. click past the jump for a product video that features interviews with a myriad of IMAX staff to convince why this should be in your home, or learn more about the IMAX Private Theater HERE.

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IMAX Private Theater HERE via First Showing

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