started its life as the Land Rover 90 back in the 83′, the Land Rover Defender has been synonymous with superb off-road capabilities. its iconic look has remained largely unchanged since, thus making it one of the most instantly recognizable vehicle on Earth. that said, nothing is more fitting than to roll out a special edition of the Defender to mark the automaker’s 65th anniversary? hence, the birth of the Land Rover Defender LXV Special Edition. speaking of ‘LXV’, here’s a little trivia about the model ‘LXV’ – it is actually the roman numerals of ’65’. based on the standard Land Rover Defender, it is fitted with the same 2.2-liter diesel unit that delivers its maximum power of 122 PS at 3,500 RPM and peak torque of 360 Nm at a low 2,000 RPM, and hooked up to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

but of course, the highlight isn’t in the drivetrain; it is in its equipment level which comprises of 16-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels, a choice of Santorini Black or Fuji White paintwork with contrasting Corris Grey roof, grille and headlight surrounds and facia. internally, the cabin receives full leather seats with LXV embossed front headrests and contrasting orange stitching on the seats, plus LXV-branded floor mats. the LXV embossed treatment can also be found on the steering wheel, as well as the cubby compartment to complement the LXV decals on the exterior. and that’s pretty much it. then again, it is after all a Land Rover Defender and as such, there is really nothing more we, or anyone else needs. no? scouring through its official PR text, there’s no mention of pricing, but according to Gadget Review, it will have a $44,500 sticker and it will be a limited edition model with only 65 units to go around.

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