Himalaya’s Latest Custom Land Rover Defender 110 Is An Off-road Luxury With 525 Corvette Horsepower

There is no shortage of shops doing excellent jobs in tricking out Land Rover Defender and today, we found out yet another: Himalaya. The Himalaya Spectre 110 Crew Cab Defender is the Land Rover Defender customizer’s latest. One look and you know why it is here on this blog. This thing is an absolute beauty. […]

Land Rover Set To Restored The 70-Year-Old Original 4×4 Prototype

Jaguar Land Rover group has an interesting project planned for 2018. The company has found one of the three original pre-production prototypes 4×4 that made their debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. The vehicle was apparently bought by someone in the 60s and when it was found, it was in such a dilapidated […]

Barn Find 1974 Land Rover 109 Beautifully Restored By Lucra Cars

No self-respecting, true-blue Land Rover enthusiast with the financial muscle to flex should miss this beautifully restored 1974 Land Rover 109 Santana Especial from the garage of sport car maker, Lucra Cars. Originally, a barn find in Spain, this left-hand drive granddaddy of SUV is corrosion-free with no damage and by the virtue of it […]

TRAXXAS 1/10 R/C Land Rover Defender Because, Who Wouldn’t Want One?

Now that Land Rover have pulled the plug on Defender production, your only hope of getting one is a used variety. Used or not, Defender by itself is not cheap and that’s not to mention stretching it to its potential is not something you can do everyday. Which is kind of a shame because, Defender […]

New Range Rover Is Not Just Luxurious, But It Is Silent Too

Land Rover fans who are a tad eco-conscious can now look the marque’s 2018 Range Rover because, this luxury off-roader has now gone a teeny weeny bit greener – thanks to the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain made up of a longitudinally-mounted 300 PS (221 kW or about 295 HP) 2L four-pot Ingenium petrol engine and […]

Red Cross Land Rover Has A Drone That Can Land Even Vehicle Is Moving

As Amazon plots the ambitious plan to have a drone mothership for its future delivery drones, the rest of the world, specifically the automobile industry, remains pretty much grounded and thinking of how best they could leverage on this drone technology in automobiles. The earliest we recall was the three-year old concept from Renault, but […]

Land Rover Range Rover Velar Goes Official And It Is Gorgeous!

Land Rover, due to its asking price, is not for everyone. However, if you are fan, you will be glad to know that a new Land Rover has just join the family. Called Range Rover Velar, this off-road capable luxury SUV was unveiled at the Design Museum on March 01 – the first ever vehicle […]

Red Bull Latest Event Vehicle Looks Set For Any Post-Apocalyptic Party

Think Mad Max kind of chaos and think parties. What comes to mind? Fire-spewing cannon, spiked-covered vehicle with bulldozer blade, and of course, armored vehicles, along with more sinister stuff like human-skin drums and trumpets fashioned out of human bones. The Red Bull “Armored” Event Vehicle you see here does not have fire-spewing cannon, neither […]

Restored 1983 Land Rover 110 is Not Quite the Original But Still a Beauty

Now that the fate of Land Rover Defender is sealed, it gives fans of this iconic off-roader even more reason to retain their rides and even to acquire more. If you happens to be one of those huge fans, then you might be interested to know that another pre-Defender Land Rover is heading to the […]

This Bespoke Land Rover Defender Has a Hearse-like Glass Rear Section to Display the Webb Ellis Cup

There is only one word to describe the Land Rover Defender’s design: timeless. Though it has been through several iterations, facelift and whatnot over the three decades or so in existence, its outlook remains largely the same. Sadly, the UK automaker will cease producing this iconic off-roader later this year and apart from rolling out […]