Unlike its electric cars, electric bikes managed to look futuristic. Like, practical kind of futuristic. The Segway APEX H2 is one example (though it is unclear if it’ll be available to buy) and now, these: Davinci DC100 and DC Classic Electric Motorcycles.

Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

Seven years in the making, Davinci Dynamics have finally taken the wraps off the two new electric motorcycles which it claims “are among the first production electric motorcycles to rival the performance of their 1000cc gas-powered counterpart.”

The DC100 is decidedly futuristic aesthetically while the DC Classic is a little less so (though it is just as alluring), IMHO.

Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

The DC100 is powered by a rear wheel-mounted electric motor offering 137 horses on the tap. The motor is kept juiced by a 17.7 kWh lithium battery pack that supports level 3 DC fast-charging, allowing it to be topped in just 30 minutes.

In the performance department, it will make the century sprint in “3.X” seconds, before topping out at 200 km/h (124 mph) and it has a WLTP range of 357.51 km (222 miles).

Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

The DC100 further touts an intelligent robotic control system, traction control, CBS, ABS and a bun ch of other rider assist features.

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The Davinci DC100 will be available in stateside for US$27,500. It is available to reserve now with a US$150 deposit. Shipping will happen sometime in July 2022.

Davinci DC100 and DC Classic Electric Motorcycles

Meanwhile, the DC Classic is a limited model, with just 50 units worldwide. It is a hand-assembled masterpiece with a classic cafe racer aesthetic and features Öhlins front suspension customized with Dyneema carbon fiber sleeves, Brembo GP4 brake calipers, RCS Series Brake Master Cylinders, French calfskin seats and many CNC customized parts.

And the price for such an exquisite electric horse? A grand US$90,000. Davinci Dynamics. Strangely though, shipping for the DC Classic will be months earlier, happening as soon as April 2022.

Images: Davinci Dynamics.

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