In just 6 years since acquired by Ninebot, Segway’s portfolio has expanded beyond balancing two-wheeled transporters to include motorcycles and robotics, and soon, sports bike too.

Segway APEX H2 Hydrogen Electric Motorcycle

And not just any sports bike, it would be a hydrogen electric two-wheeler with an unmistakable futuristic, cyberpunk styling.

Called Segway APEX H2, it is Ninebot’s first hydrogen electric that touts a number patents. Though, Ninebot did not detail what are the patents.

Segway APEX H2 Hydrogen Electric Motorcycle

Details of the drivetrain are virtually non-existence, except for the fact that it is a hydrogen electric and that it will use replaceable hydrogen canisters, in addition to traditional refilling as well as charging.

Ninebot has provided some numbers, though. The hydrogen electric drivetrain has a peak power of 60 kW (80 HP) and capable of wiping the century sprint (0-62 mph) in under 4 seconds, before topping out at 150 km/h (93 mph). Range is not offered, however.

Segway APEX H2 Hydrogen Electric Motorcycle

Detail is sketchy at best, but it is exciting nonetheless.

Ninebot said that it has been researching and developing hydrogen-based electric propulsion for a long time now and in the process, it claimed to have overcome many technical difficulties to make this energy source commercially viable and practical to implement on a motorcycle.

Segway APEX H2 Hydrogen Electric Motorcycle

Notwithstanding the lack of real information, Ninebot in China inviting interested buyers to register their interest. The Segway APEX H2 will have a base price of 69,999 yuan (or about US$10,749).

Segway APEX H2 Hydrogen Electric Motorcycle

Images: Ninebot [CH].

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