There are two kinds of electric pickup trucks. One that looks like the regular pickup truck but is electrically driven and one that looks like it came straight out of sci-fi movies. The Cybertruck is a good example of the latter and so is Canoo and this: the ATLIS XT.

ATLIS XT Electric Pickup Truck

The aesthetic of the ATLIS XT is not for everyone. It looks like a mash-up between a regular old pickup truck and the Cybertruck, and yes, it is kind of geometric too. Not going to lie. I dig the look.

It is built on ATLIS’s very own energy and platform technologies which consist of 4 independent PMSM traction motors providing it with an all-wheel-drive capability.

The motors and amenities are kept juiced by a 250 kWh battery system. all told, four traction motors produce over 600 horses while the battery system affords it up to 500 miles (805 km) of range.

ATLIS XT Electric Pickup Truck

When charged using ATLIS 1.5 MW charger, ATLIS said it can get from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes.

The ATLIS XT will have a top speed of 120 mph (193 km) and makes 0-60 (0-97 km/h) in just 5 seconds. Not the fastest but also being quick is not what this little big guy aims to do. It is a true work truck, designed to be rugged and perform in the most extreme conditions.

Other spec-sheet details include 35,000 lbs towing capacity, 20,000 lbs payload, a generous 12 inches of ground clearance, an 18.6 cu-ft frunk, 360 camera feed for parking and a bed cam, a choice of 6.5 or 8 feet bed size, a choice of single or double cab (3/6 seater), heated and cooled seats, all-around independent suspension with active air suspension, off-board power with a host of outlets for tools and accessories, and fantasy techs like a brake by wire with 4-wheel independent braking and steer by wire with 4-wheel independent steering.

ATLIS XT Electric Pickup Truck

Features, specs, and aesthetics are not the only areas where the ATLIS XT shines. With the ATLIS XT, ATLIS Motor Vehicles want to change how you own a vehicle. How? Well, with an all-inclusive subscription model. Here’s how it works:

“Subscribers will realize significant monthly savings over traditional ownership. Buying a vehicle in the way you are used to means that you have to deal with many additional items on your own like insurance, financing, inspections, registrations, maintenance, and more.”

ATLIS XT Electric Pickup Truck

ATLIS said for a starting rate of US$700, it will have everything covered including warranty, maintenance, charging, truck registration, and even insurance. And there is the opportunity to get a new vehicle every 3,5, or 7 years, said ATLIS.

ATLIS XT Electric Pickup Truck

Images: ATLIS Motor Vehicles.

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  1. A rather long, but interesting comment about Atlis Motors you may find interesting, from QAD.WISTIA ——–(Archived by administrator, May 01, 2022) (begin) Just a few comments from my observations of over the past 7 years when AMV began as “Volta Motors LLC, of Mesa (602) 309-5425” (Google it) . Folks, AMV is falling behind, but you can still make a lot of money quickly as shareholders. AMV was just able to cobble together a plywood-Styrofoam truck to show for the latest crowd-funding rounds. It does not drive per expectations, cannot tow anything, has no operating windows, air bags, weather seals, turn signal steering wheel stalk, windshield wipers, proper windshield safety glass, roll down windows, air conditioning-heating system, compressor-air tank installation, inverters, SAE approved mirrors or exterior lighting, tires and wheels that meet the load rating, spare tire carrier, never been tested on a dyno or with an AMV battery pack, So far AMV has never even produced a complete battery pack, they claimed futuristic, unbelievable specifications six years ago for non-existent hardware, have no charging pedestals, or have an electrical service entrance to their facility (currently 600A, 277/480V, not even 300kW) large enough to develop and test a claimed 1.5MW charging system, just to mention a few deficiencies. The XT Prototype has never been seen driving on the road at highway speeds or towing anything, its limit seems to be under 2MPH traveling a few feet on level smooth ground. AMV does not own a bi-directional chassis dynamometer which is necessary for vehicle and battery road simulation performance testing. No independent laboratory test have ever been conducted, on the vehicle, cells, battery modules or pack or chassis, nothing has never been shown at a trade or auto show. Virtually nothing on the prototype vehicle is an example of anything close to “production ready” it would never pass crash testing or SAE standards. 30 patents claimed are just “applications” costing less than $100 to file and not requiring working models. AMV specializes in promotional videos that claim to be scientific tests. AMV claims to have generated over $1.2B in contracted commitments for XT pickup trucks, this is the value of “free, no deposit reservations”; there is no cash value. AMV claims to have MOU’s and LOI’s, for over $400MM in battery pack interest but has never published the names of the actuall organizations. They claim to have Government contracts for their technology but have never disclosed any details or documents. Their cell design is being surpassed by the BYD Blade Cell which has superior performance, cost and safety attributes, is currently in production and available to purchase and used in numerous vehicles. BYD has positioned themselves to make billions of cells, has production factories that cover 100’s of acres of land, 250,000 employees, has world-wide patents publicly available, and is becoming the industry standard. AMV is attempting to make a cell production facility out of 2 X 4’s, plastic sheeting and a shipping container, which is laughable. They seem to be on their 5th revision of their basic cell, the 4th revision of their motors and 7th revision of their 1.5MW charging connector with no real test data on any of these devices ever revealed. Over 20 key employees have left the company despite pay rates in the 6 figure area. The days of an individual or small company producing a complex vehicle seems to be over. You may see AMV’s attempt to survive by farming out the body, cells, motors, drive system and other components to experts or buying off the shelf components. Over 20 highly paid key people have recently left AMV, including: Huda lmashhadany, Head of Energy; Eric Anderson, Electrical Technician; Kenneth Baca, Senior Firmware Engineer; Anirudh (Ani) Bhokarika, Mechanical Engineer – Battery Cell Division; Ching-Yen Chung, Lead Mechanical Engineer; Ross Compton, Lead Vehicle Designer – XT Program; Christopher Dawson, Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering; Jack Al Ferzly, Head of Energy and Director of Pack Development; Craig Trzebny,Director of Energy Engineer; Kishor Satish Gaikwad, Power Electronics; Bassam Raza, Senior Electrical Engineer; Keith Rose, Senior Mechanical Engineer; Michael Konstas, Chief Financial Officer, and Tamica Sears, VP of Talent, and Matthew Wilkins, Senior Design Lead, Chief Financial Officers Glenn Reese and Greg Hassler, more to research and follow. Web information was gathered from Linkedin, Glassdoor, Rocketreach, Facebook, Twitter, Signalhire, Apollo, and Zoominfo and others. If ever produced, AMV vehicles will not be cost effective, and be too expensive to be competitive. Watch for the next Crowdfunding Round, you can make money by manipulating the shares, by low, sell high. People have made thousands already. As far as actual hardware, the XT, XP, Cube Cell, and 15 minute charging are all products that live in the computerized imaginary world of CGI. These are products of the future, and always will be. If you are interested in current real EV engineering and on the road technology currently available visit the “Monro Live” (48,250,000+ channel views and the “WeberAuto (33,000,000+ channel views) … a final thought, you may want to visit AMV’ World Headquarters in Mesa to see what’s going on. (end) REFF:

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