4 Cleaning Tips To Start Spring Righ

Spring has sprung and the season of fresh, clean new beginnings is upon us. The problem is your house might still be stuck in the sleepy throes of winter. With the ongoing pandemic we’ve all been staying at home a lot more and it’s a safe bet to say our homes have taken a beating as a result. Now more than ever it’s important to keep a clean home. Follow these top tips below to give your space a reset ready for the summer months ahead.

4 Cleaning Tips To Start Spring Righ
Image credit: Pexels (cottonbro).

1. Deep Clean Crazy

We’re talking behind dressers, under couches, and in every single corner. Just because you can’t see the hidden dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there! Work room by room, and start by removing all the furniture.

Scrub the floorboards or deep clean the carpets (sometimes it’s worth investing in the services of a professional carpet cleaner) then dust and polish all of the furniture before replacing in the room. Having a real good scrub down at least four times a year is the key to a cleaner home.

2. Marie Kondo your space

If you love interiors, design, or cleaning you will have heard of the iconic Marie Kondo. Her theory is that if an item doesn’t spark joy then get rid of it. Her mantra may be terrifying if you’re a secret hoarder, but it really does work. Ask yourself how many things you actually need in your home.

That drawer full of random chargers for electrical goods that have long been broken? Bin them! That neon yellow sweater from a fancy-dress party at college? Donate it! Once you’re rid of clutter it will be much easier to clean your home.

3. Window Wisdom

Even if your home is immaculate, dirty windows can undo all of the hard work you’ve done. Windows are often overlooked because they’re a part of the house you don’t clean frequently. Outside windows are best left to a window cleaner with safety ladders and the proper tools but the insides can be tackled easily enough on your own.

The best cleaning products for glass are already in your home! Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with 3 cups of water and use a nozzle bottle to spray onto mirrors or windows. Use old newspaper to scrub for streak-free glass – plus think of the good you’re doing for the planet by cutting down on single-use plastics and reusing your newspapers!

4. Organize organize, organize!

Once you’ve cleaned up your home try and keep it neat and tidy by having a good sort out of your space. Fold any winter clothes you won’t need for the summer and pop them into vacuum storage bags to save on space.

Create your own drawer organizers using small cardboard boxes to neatly stash your socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Catalogue your shelves so that you know exactly where that old Top Gun DVD you can’t bear to part with is placed. By keeping on top of what you have it’s much easier to stop the clutter from piling up.

Are you doing a big spring clean this year? Drop a comment below with any other tips you have.

Feature image: Pexels (cottonbro).