DeLorean Bicycle

DeLorean Bicycle
(photos: DeLorean) DeLorean Bicycle | US$5,495.00 |

DeLorean. the name that made DMC famous or rather, it was the movie Back to the Future that make it so iconic. we are not going to see it often until perhaps the electric DeLorean make its appearance – if it ever will. however, not all hopes are lost. as a consolation, you can lay your hands on the modern rendition of the DeLorean – in the form of a two-wheel pedal-powered bicycle – the DeLorean Bicycle. it is worthy to note that this isn’t some rip-off that ride on the iconic namesake but it is the official ride backed by DMC and features, well, a stainless steel frame designed and handcrafted by Italian firm, Sarto Antonio Racing Bicycles. what you see here is the model known as ‘Anyday’. it features a 11-speed internally-geared hub, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, luminescent coated wheels, Italian-made gel saddle, a full carbon fork setup and a belt drive transmission. the Anyday model is available for your taking for a cool sum of $5,495, with two other models: Speed and Cruise joining the catalog soon. hit the jump for some closer look.

DeLorean Bicycle via Geekologie via Design Boom

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