Hyundai is super serious about its fuel cell technology and its fuel cell electric vehicle. It has promoted fuel cell technology with a pavilion/art installation and letting its EV SUV NEXO drives itself from Seoul to PyeongChang at last year’s Winter Olympics.

Now that the NEXO has finally see its market availability, it is out to convince the world, or least Spain, that fuel cell vehicle has no harmful emissions. How? By asking an Olympic swimmer to run inside a bubble that is attached to a NEXO’s exhaust.

Obviously, if it is an ICE vehicle, it will be a death sentence, but because fuel cell vehicles only emits water and oxygen, it is absolutely harmless and that is the whole premise of this marketing campaign.

However, even though it is obvious what Olympic swimmer and brand ambassador Mireia Belmonte did in tech video campaign was harmless, Hyundai did also worked with the Spanish National Centre on Hydrogen and a sports medical center to ensure the entire process was safe.

That kind of makes me think. Shouldn’t advertisements and marketing campaigns rated too? Like, this really should be PG-13 because, parents/guardians should be there to tell kids that the car has no harmful emissions because, it was a EV that runs on fuel cell.

I mean, kids being kids may try to pull off a similar stunt with ICE vehicle without knowing the difference and the result would be devastating. Think Tide Pods and you will probably agree with me. Anyways, you can watch entire ad in the video embedded below.

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Image: YouTube (Hyundai España).

Source: Engadget.

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