most of us love pedaling our trusty bikes, but there are times where we just yearn to cruise around without having to do the legworks. and for that, we thought the Rubbee Electric Drive for Bicycles might just be the perfect solution. it is the simplest electric drive conversion we have seen to date. there’s no need to deal with messy sprocket dissecting or whatsoever – just attached this robotic arm-looking contraption onto the seat post of any bicycle, remove the fixation pin (necessary for the contact between the Rubbee’s cast friction wheel and the bike’s rear tire), hook up the throttle and all that is left is turn it on, and you are pretty much good to go. with 800W motor and a massive 20,000 mAh to keep it juiced, the Rubbee is capable up to 25 km (15 miles) range and a top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph). all these goodness is matched by its flexibility: it can be remove (and installed) in a matter of seconds, which also means it could be shared among your family and friends if so desire. it takes just 2 hours to fully charge up the device and it comes with handy carry handle for you lug it around too.

other features include a waterproof construction, a special polyurethane cast wheels for maximum grip while not wearing the tire too much, a multifunction power button that also doubles as a battery level indicator, simplified one electronic plug for both charging and connection to the throttle, and an integrated LED rear light for night visibility. though it is worthy to note that the latter will only be turned on if the Rubbee is active. basically, the Rubbee presents a reversible quick fix for anyone who wish to convert their beloved bike into an electric one. brilliant idea, but there’s just one catch here: it is not a reality yet – the folks behind the Rubbee needs your help to get this off the ground. the project is currently on Kickstarter seeking £63,000 (around US$96,768) to fund the development. you can show your support for this project by putting down at least £700 (or about US$1,075)) for one of these contraptions and if all goes well, you should be seeing this at your doorstep later this year. check out a few more product images and also catch a pitch video after the break.

Kickstarter via Muted

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