This is a Toyota HiAce. It is a people mover and trusty cargo van. But this HiAce is not your everyday van. Right. It has all the cosmetics of a sports car. Rear wing, wide body aero kit and wait, what? A Nissan R35 GT-R exhaust??? That, folks, is hint that this the mods on this Toyota HiAce ain’t no superficial.

Under the hood, or in this case, under the seats, is actually a VR38 V6 twin-turbo motor pulled straight from a R35 GT-R. You heard that right. A R35 motor! What’s even crazier, IMHO is, it is mated to the original manual 5-speeder that comes with the 3.0L turbo Diesel engine.

Apparently, the gearbox is totally capable of handling the brutal 600+ HP that the van now has. Over six.hundred.ponies! Pretty mind-blowing if you ask me. Now, if this isn’t the most powerful Toyota HiAce ever… well, even if it isn’t, it will still be the coolest HiAce ever. Period.

What’s more, the interior is good for up to 6 person – with each occupant having their very own Recaro throne – complete with armrests because, van.

Its owner, Go, revealed to Larry Chen of Hoonigan AutoFocus that the fastest this 600+HP Toyota HiAce R35 GT-R-powered Van ever went was, wait for it… 250 km/h (155 mph!).

250 is fast for even regular cars, not to mention a super high-CG van. Definitely not for the faint of heart. 600+ horses, 250 top speed and a van which kind of makes it a supervan, doesn’t it? Continue reading to catch a video of a glorious Toyota HiAce like you have never seen before. Highlights are between 3:28-7:23.

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Images/source: YouTube (Hoonigan AutoFocus).

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